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Sister Sin – Dance Of The Wicked (2013)

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Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked (cover)

Sister Sin is a band from Sweden who caught the public’s attention through their reckless, gritty attitude and their passionate sound. A decade has passed since the release of their first record ‘Dance of The Wicked’. This album has been out-of-print for quite some time now so the guys, backed up by their record company, Victory Records, decided to rerelease it on June 25th adding some extra goodies to it: 3 previously unreleased demo songs, a cover of Motörhead ’s ‘Rock’n’Roll featuring Doro (which I highly recommend because it’s beyond catchy) and a bonus DVD with all 9 Sister Sin Official music videos.

I personally really love the old school more unpolished touch of these songs...

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Cardiant – Verge (2013)

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The Finnish group Cardiant will return at the end of this month (mid June for people outside Finland) with their third record. A bit about the band: their first record hit the shelves in 2005 but only for people living in Japan. In 2010 they were selected for the national Finnish semi-finals for Eurovision and moved on to the finals next to other 9 performers. For their new album, ‘Verge’,  Cardiant have a new member, Outi Jokinen that came first as a backing vocalist but later on got also lead parts.

Now let’s move on to our topic at hand: ‘Verge’. First thing I would like to mention is that, while I was browsing through the band’s description, I noticed that they have been called power metal, hard rock even AOR by some...

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Horus – Introducing Romania’s Extreme Side

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Romania is famous for Dracula and Transylvania, but not as much for its metal scene. However, every country has hidden gems in the metal department and the one we discovered comes from an extreme genre: death metal. I had a brief discussion with the composer of the band, Edi Bessermann, and here is what I discovered:

Alexandra: Hi guys! Could you tell us a bit about the band’s history?

 Edi: Hello!The band started in 2011 as the name of Bloodtide. Back then we were singing technical death metal with oriental influences. I restarted the band in 2012, after singing in other underground projects, with some friends, Cristache Andrei and Vlad Mihai.

The name of the band comes from the Egyptian mythology. Why did you choose this one?

To be honest, I don’t know...

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Masterplan – Novum Initium (2013)

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Masterplan - Novum Initium cover

The German power metal band Masterplan has returned with a massive line-up change and a new record, ‘Novum Initium’ to be released mid-June via AFM Records. The shift in members is mostly surprising due to the fact that their new drummer is no one else but Martin Skaroupka, member of Cradle of Filth (that’s probably one of the main reasons why in this record the drums really stand out in a different way). The new bassist is Jari Kainulainen (former member of Stratovarius) and Jorn Lande gave the mic to Rick Altzi.

‘Novum Initium’ begins with a strong intro that gets you in the mood for hearing more: ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’ (latin for Through hardships to the stars)...

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Noumena – Playing melodic death metal with a great passion

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Noumena - Death walks with me Promo

The fans of the melodic death metal Finnish band Noumena will recall that we have done a review of their newest material ‘Death walks with me’. The review was appreciated by the fans, people who did not know about the band so far and also the members, so I thought to myself an interview with Hannu Savolainen(bass) and Antti Haapanen(vocals) will be a great treat! Not only did we manage to fill in over 20 minutes of Skype conversation, but this interview covers so many topics: from the themes of the new album, the plans for 2013 all the way to what bands they would like to share the stage with and their principles when going on the stage. It was really fun and i hope you guys will enjoy listening to it too:

Interview Noumena (click to listen)

Noumena – Sleep (click to watch the official vi...

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Woe – Withdrawal (2013)

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Woe - Withdrawal Promo

Woe is a black metal band with it’s origins in USA, Brooklyn-via-Philadelphia playing hardcore/black/thrash metal.Now we will discuss about their latest album named “Withdrawal”.This album contains 7 tracks of “black metal against hope”.

The first track of the album,’This is the end of the story’ has not so fast riffs but it still sounds fine,the vocals are lower than the instrumental but in one moment the vocals are transforming from pure black dirty vocals to clean more like heavy-hardcore vocals.The guitars are becoming much more faster and the drums fits just perfectly.

The second track, ‘Carried by waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth’, begins with a deep growl.The guitar’s breakdowns fits perfectly to the voice,and the drums are using simple patterns ...

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Bjørn Brem – In love with the darkness since childhood

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Anybody who is a fan of Industrial or Dark Music must have heard at least once the name Gothminister. Since 1999, Bjørn Brem tried to turn his alter ego into something that can soothe other people with a passion for darklings aswell. ‘Utopia’, the fifth record( also a concept album) will be released on the 17th of May and, with it, the world will fall under the domination of a new force: with a new story to tell, new live appearances, a new sound more horror than ever aand..let’s not forget another interesting topic: the  Gothminister movie! Curious yet? Then click on the link below and enjoy a 30+ minutes and very pleasant interview i had with the brain behind this scary machinery:

Interview Bjørn Brem (Gothminister) (click to listen)

Gothminister – Utopia (click to listen)

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