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Gothminister have a special Halloween concert

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People who happen to live/stop by Oslo tomorrow will have a treat with a special Gothminister concert to celebrate Halloween. Below you can see the flyer of the event:

Gothminister flyer

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Darkhaus releases video for ‘Ghost’

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Darkhaus by Brian David Braun

Synth-Rock band Darkhaus (featuring members like Rupert Keplinger, known from his work in Eisbrecher or Gary Meskil, known from Pro-Pain), has released its first video ‘Ghost’. The song is taken out of the first album of the band, ‘My Only Shelter’, to be released at the end of November. Enjoy!


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MONKEY3 – The 5th Sun (2013)

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Monkey3 - The 5th sun cover

I don’t know much about MONKEY3 and I had no idea what psychedelic Stoner Rock would sound like. I mean I could imagine but it is way better to hear it. After listening to ‘The 5th Sun’, I got its meaning: this is music you can use to escape reality and emerge in your own fantasy world(s). As far as the MONKEY3 goes, it is a Swiss band and this record is its fourth, containing influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. The album is already out in a couple of European countries, but most of them will receive it after 30 October.

So, how does ‘The 5th Sun’ sound like? A few songs seem to have a similar recipe: the track starts off stronger with more guitars and drums used in a rather progressive manner and after a few minutes, it seems like the music has ...

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Amaranthe announces European Headliner tour

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Amaranthe will go on an European tour starting from March with two other Swedish-bands: Deals Death and Smash Into Pieces. Check out the dates and go see them live!

Amaranthe European Tour Dates

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Best of Finland: The Dark Side (part 2)

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Flag of Finland

Last week, we released THIS  article containing a list of some less known bands outside Finland that are really great to listen to. This week’s list is brought to you by Andreea, a girl who loves Finnish music as much as I do! Hope you guys will find some interesting stuff to make your thursday brighter. Enjoy!

Harmaja -> Acoustic project featuring Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto( frontman of Charon/Northern Kings/ ex-Poisonblack)

Tarot -> Heavy metal band of the epic-voiced Marco Hietala, later known from Nightwish 

Northern Kings -> The Finnish supergroup with Jarkko Ahola (Teräsbestoni), Marco Hietala (Tarot, Nightwish), Tony Kakko(Sonata Arctica) and Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto( Charon/ ex-Poisonblack)

Uniklubi -> Hard rock

Stam1na -> Progressive/Thrash metal

Teräsbetoni -&...

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Seeker releases a new video

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Fans of death metal will be happy to know that Seeker has a new music video for the track ‘When Hope Fails’ from their forthcoming album ‘Unloved’. Enjoy!

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Best of Finland: The Dark Side (part 1)

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Finland Flag

Most European metal lovers are acquainted by now with bands like Nightwish, Apocalyptica or HIM and they deserve it, I mean, they’re really awesome! However, some countries have their hidden rock/metal gems and that is the case especially in a country like Finland where bands seem to pop up at every street corner, and the majority have something interesting to them. Me and a couple of awesome ladies who love Finnish music as much as I do have decided to make a list for you, each with 7 bands, a video link and a brief genre description, maybe you will find some beautiful hidden gems too. Enjoy!

Dead Cult Diaries -> Hard/Alternative rock

Red Eleven -> Alternative rock

Private Line -> Hard rock

End of You -> Gothic metal with electro influences

Ari Koivunen -> Metal singer winn...

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Airbourne release a new video

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The Aussie hard rockers from Airbourne have released a new video for the song ‘Back in the game’ taken from their newest record ‘Black Dog Barking’. Enjoy!


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Phoenix (Junkyard 69) – A rock’n’roll child

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Junkyard 69

Here is my confession: I love Rock’n’Roll, Glam and Sleaze metal! I also love the fact that there are more than a few bands out there willing to revive the old school spirit with a new polish. Most of them come from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland), however, I managed to find a very talented band coming all the way from Greece. They are called Junkyard 69. Last night I had a fun conversation with one of their members, Phoenix, and I found out some very interesting stuff, so enjoy this interview and listening to a band who shows potential:

Alexandra: First of all, could you introduce yourself briefly and tell us your role in the band?

Phoenix: I’m Phoenix and I play rhythm guitar in Junkyard 69.

How did you guys meet and decide to form a band?

The four of us were childhood friend...

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Hail of Bullets – Swoop of the falcon Lyric Video

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Hail Of Bullets logo

The Dutch death metal band Hail of Bullets released a new lyric video for ‘Swoop of the falcon’. The track is from their new album III: The Rommel Chronicles to be released October 28th internationally. Enjoy!


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