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Amaranthe releases a new video

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Amaranthe - The Nexus

A new video for ‘Invincible’ has been released out of the 2nd album of Amaranthe, ‘The Nexus’.

Comments guitarist Olof Mörck:
“INVINCIBLE’ is probably my favourite AMARANTHE song so far, and it’s very exciting to see it finally becoming a single and a video! We had an absolute blast shooting it, and this time we flew in Patric Ullaeus and his crew to some kick-ass locations around the USA. People have come to expect elaborate videos from AMARANTHE, but this one certainly takes the cake!”

You can watch it here:


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Roadrunner Records offers X-mas discounts

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Roadrunner Records have decided to get in the holiday spirit by offering free shipping to items over 50 dollars! All you have to do is insert the discount code below! Have fun!


Roadrunner Sale

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Rhapsody of Fire stream a new song

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‘Dark Wings of Steel’, the new album of Rhapsody of Fire will be released tomorrow in Europe and in the beginning of december in the US. For fans that can’t hold in your curiosity until tomorrow, the band streamed a new song of the album and you can listen to it here:


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New song from Bullet for my Valentine

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Bullet for my Valentine

BFMV released a new song yesterday and you can enjoy it in the link below. This song will please the fans of the old school sound of this band( me included)! Check it out!


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Wacken Open Air Ticket Exchange is online!

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For those who have not had the chance to buy a ticket for W:O:A now you have it! People who can not make it to the festival are selling their tickets and you can buy them. Original article here:

Dear Metalheads,

the time has come – the W:O:A ticket exchange is now online at Metaltix !

The ticket exchange gives metalheads the possibility to sell their tickets anonymously to other metalheads(only for the original price!) if they are not able to visit the festival anymore. Reversed this also means that people who had no luck in getting a ticket for W:O:A 2014, now have a new chance to get one through the ticket exchange.

Important! In the near future we will also launch a second platform which will handle the general re-personalization / name change of W:O:A tickets.
This platform will ...

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Darkhaus is streaming its first album on SoundCloud

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Darkhaus by Carolin Czesna-2

The Synth-rock band Darkhaus has decided to stream its first album, ‘My only shelter’, for a limited period of time on SoundCloud. Go check it out!


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U.D.O. updates its 2014 tour

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The band U.D.O. updated its tour on 2014 with the upcoming dates and places:

Jan 25th, 2014 CH-Volketswil – Rocketswil Festival
Jan 30th, 2014 E-Aviles – Sala Quattro
Jan 31st, 2014 E-Madrid – Penelope *
Feb 01st, 2014 E-Bilbao – Santana 27 *
Feb 02nd, 2014 E-Barcelona – Razzmatazz 2 *
Feb 06th, 2014 CZ-Prague – Meet Factory
Feb 07th, 2014 CZ-Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe
Feb 08th, 2014 SK-Bratislava – MMC Club
Feb 09th, 2014 SK-Banska Bystrika – Ministry
Feb 15th, 2014 D-Metzingen – Stadthalle
Feb 20th, 2014 D-Tuttlingen – Stadthalle **
Feb 21st, 2014 D-Solingen – Cobra
Feb 22nd, 2014 D-Andernach – JUZ

** special show with “Marinemusikkorps Nordsee”

More details about the special show on February 20th in Tuttlingen (Germany) follow soon.


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In Process – Surgery EP (2013)

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In Process - Surgery

In Process is a groove metal band founded in 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. Personally I had no idea what groove metal sounds like but, if you have no idea either, to me its sound can be described as melodic death metal with tribal influences. A bit later I’ll take you through what other bands this sound reminded me of. Anyway, the band kept a low profile until 2012. In late 2012 they started working on this 5-track EP called ‘Surgery’ that will be released at the end of November (29 to be more exact). It seems that right now the guys are preparing for a full-length debut release.

I have to tell you, for a first EP these guys seem to already know what they are doing pretty fuckin’ well! I mentioned before that the sound they adopted reminds me of certain bands, so let’s see what I found...

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Leaves’ Eyes release new video

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The Symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes have released a video for the song ‘Hell to the Heaven’ taken out of its upcoming album ‘Symphonies of the Night’ out on friday for people from Europe. Enjoy!

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Robert Dahlqvist – In charge of his destiny

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Robert Dahlqvist Solo Cover

Robert Dahlqvist has been in the rock scene for some time now, performing in a band called The Hellacopters. However, a few years ago he decided that he wants to release something that sounds purely like him. So he created ‘Solo’, his first solo album. I loved this record from the first moment. Although it is sung in Swedish and I do not understand a word, the melodies are so soft and relaxing that I am taken into another world from minute 1. Mostly acoustic or rock’n’roll, the songs carry old school influences and melancholy. This album has quickly become a favourite of mine when I need to unwind. Therefore I thought it would be lovely if I could take a brief interview of Robert, nothing too fancy, but just something for you guys to get to know him...

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