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Fear Of Domination – Ready to distort your delusions

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Saku - photo by

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely chat with a Finnish band that deserves way more recognition than it receives: Fear Of Domination. If you guys are into industrial or shock metal, give them a shot! Talking to Saku (vocals), Lasse (keyboards) and Johannes (lead guitars) I got insights in the new album ‘Distorted Delusions’ , future tour dates( and a possibility of travelling to Europe!) and many other awesome details about their facepaint and what elements can be found in their shows. Curious? Read below and enjoy!

Alexandra: You guys call your genre shock metal. Why did you choose this name to represent your music?

FOD: Mostly, the media gave us the ‘shock’ title because of our shows and the unusual appearance of the shows. Also, we always have something new to surprise our fans with...

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Amaranthe are releasing a documentary

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Amaranthe band

It seems that the Amaranthe crew wants to celebrate 7 years of being as a band (Keep it up, guys! ) in a big style! The band will release a box that will contain one 90 minutes documentary on Bluray, one 40 pages booklet and 6 printed photos.

 Preorders can be made here . In the meantime, there is a teaser waiting for you on Youtube, check it out below:

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Elvenking release new cover artwork

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The new Elvenking album ‘The pagan manifesto’ will be out on may 9th on AFM Records. Until then, the artwork of the cover has seen the light of day today, check it out below!

Elvenking - Pagan Manifesto

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Sonata Arctica release new lyric video

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Cloud Factory

Sonata Arctica just released the 2nd single out of their new album, ‘Pariah’s Child’ (to be out at the end of this month via Nuclear Blast).

Tony Kakko (vocals) said about this song: “It has some kind of an ear-worm factor. It’s not a bad thing to have in a single. A story about how dad already sees his young son going to work in the same factory he still goes and where his dad and dad’s dad went before him, and how that pleasantly vicious circle never ends.”

Enjoy it below:

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