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Adi Bitran (Orpheus Blade) – Crafting theatrical dreams under dying stars

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A few months ago I received in my inbox an album that was already released some time ago. I read the name Orpheus Blade and was intrigued as mythology has fascinated me as a child. From the first seconds of ‘Shadows Still’ I was drawn into the wonderfully theatrical fairytale that this band stands for and knew I had to have a chat with Adi, the mastermind behind all this. What I discovered was a beautiful soul, and an instant connection. We had quite a long chat, as you can see, but I promise you it is totally worth listening to it! Enjoy and below you will find a link to the bandcamp page of Orpheus Blade so you can also get drawn into the mad fantasy of Wolf’s Cry.

Listen to Wolf’s Cry here

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Song of the week – part 8

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New Sunday, new song of the week. Let’s get right into it!

Manon: Despite the fact that I went to see Sleeping With Sirens yesterday (which is something I don’t recommend, by the way), this is the song that has been stuck in my head for most of the week. The lyrics give me chills every time, and it’s such a powerful song — I love it! I already can’t wait to see them on Graspop this year, which will be my third time seeing them. Until then, I will find myself replaying their songs over and over again. “Hey Death, get fucked!!

Alexandra: This week I re-discovered an old favourite of mine. I haven’t listened to this track in a long time but upon finding it again I could not stop abusing the repeat button...

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