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Avatar – Feathers & Flesh – Album review

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Avatar - Feathers & Flesh

In all honesty, Avatar’s ‘Feathers & Flesh’ surely is something I’ve been looking forward to for months now. The songs they had released before the release of their album kept making me crave for more, and hearing about the concept made me curious as well. So, when the day finally came, and I could hold the album within my hands, and listen to it, I couldn’t be happier. And so I write this review, after having heard the album, and read the fable which belongs to the concept of this album.

The concept is about the Owl, who goes to war with the Eagle, and believes that, would she defeat the Eagle, the sun would not rise again. During her journey, she meets several creatures, such as the Grasshopper, the Bees, the Pike and the Wolf, among several others...

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