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Mechanical God Creation, Eufobia, Akral Necrosis & Aevum @ Metalhead Meeting Festival, Bucharest – 4.06.2016

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In preparation for the Tuska festival and the pre-fest gig which I will be shooting this week, I managed to wrap up the photos of the opening acts of the second day of Metalhead Meeting Festival in Bucharest, Romania. The headliners of the same day will have to wait until after Tuska, but I’ll return with lots of cool shots, I promise :D! Without further ado..

Mechanical God Creation



Eufobia3 Eufobia5 Eufobia4 Eufobia2 Eufobia1

Akral Necrosis



A5 A4 A3 A2 A1


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Kissin’ Dynamite – Generation Goodbye – Album review

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When I heard that one of my favorite bands was going to make a new album, I was already excited, even though there wasn’t even anything known about it yet. After hearing more and more information about the album, I became more pumped to hear their new stuff. When Kissin’ Dynamite decided to release their first single, ‘Hashtag Your Life’, I knew that the album ‘Generation Goodbye’ was going to be a great one. I am honored to be reviewing their new work, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you!

The album starts off with the title song of the album, ‘Generation Goodbye’, a great song to start off with. It’s not too heavy for a first song, yet not too slow as well. A perfect rhythm to start off with, along with a catchy chorus...

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Combichrist, Filter, Lord of the Lost & Freakangel @ The Circus, Helsinki – 18.06.2016

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The past weekend I had the honour to go and photograph a gig where a few of my favourite bands were performing. It was my third time seeing Combichrist, but the first for the other 3 acts. I was especially looking forward to seeing Lord of the Lost, which I have been following since they started out. It was a great evening and it’s always inspiring to see some awesome musicians rock their heart out, giving me the energy to take and edit some good shots! Enjoy and click on the photos to see them bigger!




Lord of the Lost




Filter1 Filter2 Filter3 Filter4 Filter5 Filter7 Filter6


Combichrist1 Combichrist2 Combichrist3 Combichrist4 Combichrist5 Combichrist6 Combichrist7

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Kreator @ Metalhead Meeting Festival, Bucharest – 3.06.2016

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After an intense day, it was time for the last headliner of the evening on the first day of Metalhead Meeting Festival. The place belonged to Kreator and below you can see the show through my eyes.

Kreator1 Kreator2 Kreator3 Kreator4 Kreator5 Kreator6 Kreator8 Kreator9 Kreator7'Kreator10

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Dragonforce @ Metalhead Meeting Festival, Bucharest – 3.06.2016

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Following Delain, the 2nd headliner of the first day of Metalhead Meeting festival was represented by the awesome dudes from Dragonforce! Enjoy!

Dragonforce1 Dragonforce2 Dragonforce3 Dragonforce4 Dragonforce5 Dragonforce6 Dragonforce7 Dragonforce8 Dragonforce9 Dragonforce10

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Delain @ Metalhead Meeting Festival, Bucharest – 3.06.2016

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After watching Fear of Domination, Melancholy and Mantar it was time for the headliners of the 1st Metalhead Meeting Festival evening: first up, the dutchies from Delain. Enjoy!

DE2 DE3 DE5 DE6 DE7 DE8 DE9 DE10 DE1 DE4

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The festival season has started!

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The festival season has started, as many of you have already noticed, and for me it will only be a few days until I will enjoy the festival I have bought tickets for! From Thursday the 16th of June until Mondey the 20th of June, I will be at Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. With this article I will lead you through my excitement, while I will talk about bands that I’ll be seeing, and a variety of do’s and don’ts!

Now, first of all, I will have to tell you that it will be my first time to go to Graspop. I’ve wanted to go for years, but the date wasn’t exactly one which I could fit in with my studies. Luckily, I could plan it all in this year, which only fueled my excitement...

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Melancholy & Mantar @ Metalhead Meeting Festival, Bucharest – 3.06.2016

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Continuing the photos from day 1 of Metalhead Meeting Festival, today I will show you guys some of my shots from two other opening acts, Melancholy and Mantar. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!


Melancholy1 Melancholy3 Melancholy4 Melancholy5 Melancholy2



Mantar2 Mantar1 Mantar3 Mantar4 Mantar5

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Fear of Domination @ Metalhead Meeting Festival, Bucharest – 3.06.2016

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I had the pleasure of being a photographer at Metalhead Meeting Festival in Bucharest on the 3rd and 4th of June. Unfortunately I could not attend to all days or see all bands but I took plenty of photos of the ones I did catch, that will start rolling out as soon as I finish editing them. For now, the shots with the shock-rocker Finns from Fear of Domination are out! Enjoy and keep your eye out for more! (Click on the photos to see them larger)FoD4FoD1 FoD6' FoD5 FoD9 FoD3 FoD7FoD8 FoD10 FoD2

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