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Dan Niculescu (Between Colors) – Artfully tip toeing between colors

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Happy New Year guys! Hopefully this will be a good one for you and me, so let’s start with something I haven’t done on this page in a long time: an interview. I stopped doing interviews a year and a half ago or so, when I decided it’s easier for me to just focus on one of my loves: photography. However, when the opportunity presented itself to have a nice chat with my friend Dan from Between Colors about their awesomely talented group and the new EP Simulacrum (at whose release concert I was invited and took some lovely photos also featured here because shameless self promotion) I couldn’t say no. Dan is an awesome guy and it’s always a pleasure to hear him talk about his art. Check out what he said below!

Alex: First of all, congratulations for Simulacrum, it’s a very cohesive album an...

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