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The Clan

To be honest, I’m not a big follower of the Irish rock and folk scene, so I rarely know the bands that are parts of those genres. However, I always enjoy hearing Irish elements in songs as they usually make me feel happy and like I’d want to dance :D. One day a few weeks ago I found the guys from The Clan in my e-mail, with their new album sent over by their very awesome record label. From the first song I was intrigued, and wanted to hear more! After enjoying the entirety of their newest album, ‘All in the name of folk’ it was obvious I have to talk to these guys and find out what it is that makes them create. I found vocalist and composer Angel Rock and we had a very pleasant chat at the beginning of April. Check it out, watch their newest video below and have fun dancing!


Alexandra: First things first, could you tell us how the band started up? Whose idea was it to approach this genre? Is this line-up the same as when the band formed?

Angel: It was my idea. It started as a joke, just for fun, I put the classic ad to form a band in the style of Dropkick Murphys and within a week I met everyone. We have the same passion for Irish things and Classic Rock n Roll, we came from different bands and that’s why we formed the band so fast. We made two albums in 2 years and 120 gigs. The line-up changed, there’s is a new fiddle player, he’s the youngest of us but a prodigy


That’s a lot of gigs you guys had! Why do you think you managed to get so many? Also, I understood you had a recent sold out one.

I think it’s the power of the Irish music! In a Rock festival, people mind it  if there are no big names in the line-up, but if there’s a St. Patrick’s festival, or Irish music , or Celtic Punk, who cares about the bands? People know that they can dance and drink ! That’s the main reason, but, of course, if they know the band, and the band sounds good, the crowd is bigger and bigger at every show. Yes, we had a sold out show just yesterday in Switzerland!


I wanted to touch upon your newest release ‘All in the name of folk’ which came out in March. How was it received so far? What songs did you choose to play live?

During the shows we usually play almost all the song of the new record and the old one. I’m surprised that the new album is going good live too! People like the songs and they dance on them even if they never heard any of them before.


Angel RockWere you expecting it to be received not as well?

No, but it’s hard to play new songs in front of a crowd that never heard it, it’s not simple to impress at the first sight.


That’s very true but it sounds like you guys are doing a good job so far. How would you describe your new record in only a few words to people who have not listened to it?

It’s a mix of different kind of music… irish music for first , but there are some country songs, hard rock songs, ballads, punk rock songs and maybe some pop songs. the first record was more celtic punk but now it’s an evolution.


I know it’s a bit early to ask since the record just barely came out, but do you have any ideas yet for the next one?

Yes, we just started to put down some lines for the new one. I think will be more pop. but it’s too soon to define it yet, maybe we can make an EP at the end of the year.


Speaking of that, nowadays some artists prefer to release EP’s instead of full length CD’s, what is your opinion on that idea?

I prefer a full CD too, but sometimes, it’s hard to realize it so quickly! We need more songs to refresh our shows, so maybe we can introduce more songs and we think it’s a good idea to have an EP after 2 full length CDs in less than 3 years of our birth.


And since we started the subject of creating new music, I must ask: how do you guys approach making new music? what is the band dynamic like, who does what?

Usually I’m the main writer, musician and lyricist, but we work together in the pre-production. For the new album we worked with a new lyricist who helped me with some songs.


Why did you feel the need to add an extra lyric writer for this record? What were needing help with?

English is not my native language, I’m used to writing anyway but it’s hard if I need professional lyrics, and don’t waste a lot of time on the lyrics.


Absolutely and I think it’s a professional thing to do to give this task to someone else if you feel like you need something better! Since you mentioned you are the main writer, I am curious where do you get your inspiration from in creating those catchy up-beat tracks?

I just live ! Just trying to describe in a sarcastic way themes that I think are relevant, but sometimes I want to give some messages: for example, in the new record there’s a song ( Second Chances) , that talks about the greyhound dogs used and abused for racing. I adopted and saved one of these dogs, and wrote a song about it.


Awesome! What are some of your guilty pleasures, maybe even things that help you with the creative process?

Nothing in particular, for me it’s a new kind of music, I’ve never played in a “folk celtic” band before, so I started to listen some Irish music after a travel in Ireland, and I have a lot of fun trying to contaminate this music with my music ( pop, rock and hard rock ). But I don’t really know how and why I write… I just do.


I’d like to ask you about the band’s summer plans: Any festivals that ‘The Clan’ will perform in?

We will play in a lot of Italian summer festivals, and some in Germany. The next one is : May 28 @ CELTIC FESTIVAL – HOHENLIMBURG ( DE ). A lot is still to be confirmed, but we put month by month all the tour dates on our page.


I’ll make sure to link the page after the interview so people can check it out!Thank you so much for your time, these were all my questions! Any last words for our readers?

Thank you so much! I’m glad to know that there are people interested to our music. I think I said it at all, so.. thank you again.


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