Best of Finland: The Dark Side (part 1)

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Finland Flag

Most European metal lovers are acquainted by now with bands like Nightwish, Apocalyptica or HIM and they deserve it, I mean, they’re really awesome! However, some countries have their hidden rock/metal gems and that is the case especially in a country like Finland where bands seem to pop up at every street corner, and the majority have something interesting to them. Me and a couple of awesome ladies who love Finnish music as much as I do have decided to make a list for you, each with 7 bands, a video link and a brief genre description, maybe you will find some beautiful hidden gems too. Enjoy!


Dead Cult Diaries -> Hard/Alternative rock


Red Eleven -> Alternative rock


Private Line -> Hard rock


End of You -> Gothic metal with electro influences


Ari Koivunen -> Metal singer winner of the 2007 Finnish Idols competition( currently singer for Amoral)


SaraLee -> Gothic metal


For My Pain -> Gothic metal supergroup featuring members from Nightwish, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Embraze and Reflexion