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Simple Lies – Italians just wanna have fun

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Simple Lies

Recently I had a chat with 3 of the guys from Simple Lies, a hard’n’heavy band from Italy who are currently opening for Wednesday 13 (congrats, guys!). I discovered 3 super friendly dudes who made me laugh and who are not only talented but also humble. Check what we discussed below, and under the interview a song from them:

Alexandra: Could you start by introducing yourselves and your role in the band? It’s rare that I have more than 2 people together for an interview!

Alessandro: I am Alessandro the singer and I am in the band from 2010. I’m not a former member, but the other two guys are the founders.

Alberto: I am Alberto, the lead guitarist and I founded Simple Lies in 2006.

Lello: I am Lello the rhythm guitarist and I am also here since the start.

Alessandro: As genre we are play...

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Federico Mondelli (Be The Wolf) – A truly open mind

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Be The Wolf

A week ago or so I had the most fantastic chat ever with Federico from Be The Wolf. What was supposed to be a simple interview turned into an incredible conversation making me forget about what I was doing in the first place. We got carried away talking and since we had no time limit anyway, the result is pretty long. Please do check it out even if you can’t finish it, for I found Federico to be a most unique human being. And if you like what he’s saying, check out Be The Wolf as well, they’re absolutely worth it(link below)!


Interview Federico Mondelli (Be the wolf) by Metaloud on Mixcloud

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Tero and Samu (Embassy of Silence) – When Finns get worldwide inspiration

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Embassy of Silence

Embassy of Silence is a really cool (and I rarely say this) Finnish band with an eclectic yet somewhat humoristic approach. From the first song I listened I was hooked and definitely intrigued. Therefore, I got in touch with Tero and Samu and we had a really awesome Skype chat that you can read below. We touched upon all sorts of subjects ranging from the creation process, how they keep things funny, future plans and more! Check it out and if you want a good laugh, don’t miss the video at the end:

Alexandra: For those who are not familiar with you, could you briefly introduce yourselves?

Tero: I can start with this. I’m Tero Kalliomäki guitarist, composer from Embassy of Silence. The band started in 2007 with me and Ines...

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Chrism (Simulacrum) – Dreaming big in science fiction

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Simulacrum is a very unique sounding band from Finland. I say unique because listening to them one can’t help but find an orderly chaos. An easy label would be progressive metal, but there’s definitely more than meets the eye! I managed to catch Chrism (keyboards and a bunch of other roles as you’ll read below)  for a Skype chat and this is what I found out:

I have seen that you have more than one role in the band. Could you tell us a bit about what other things you do except playing keyboards?

I also have a company called ‘Dark Noise Productions’ and I do all the production work,  recording demos and also I have been doing a lot of music videos lately for different bands.

The term Simulacrum is a representation or an imitation of a person or thing...

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Rainer (Diablo) – Painting the horizon with silver

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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to send some questions over to the Finnish band Diablo and the lead singer, Rainer, discussed in detail about their upcoming release (30th of October) ‘Silver Horizon’. For those not familiar with Diablo, they have been a part of the Finnish scene since the late 90’s and have quite a unique style with plenty of influences. I recommend checking them out, they are definitely worth it (link with a song below the interview)!

Alexandra: Hi there and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Diablo has come a long way since its forming in the late 90’s until now. Did you ever think you’ll be standing here in the year 2015 with a sixth record in hand? How has the journey been so far?
Rainer: Ha, hell no...

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Tuomas Seppälä (Amberian Dawn) – Creating music without limitations

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A week ago I had a Skype chat with Tuomas, the mind behind Amberian Dawn and managed to pick his brain about ‘Innuendo’, their newest record to be released in a few days, the future tour, his creative process and more. Below you will find our discussion. If you are not familiar with Amberian Dawn, their new music video is also linked at the end of the interview. Enjoy!

Alexandra: Hi Tuomas it’s a pleasure to meet you! Innuendo will be released at the end of the month followed by a tour through Europe with Delain and the Gentle Storm. What are currently your thoughts and feelings about the new record and the upcoming tour?

Tuomas: I’m very excited about releasing this new album...

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Dawn of Destiny – To Hell and Back

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Hailing from Germany, the power metal band Dawn of Destiny has released its sixth album ‘To Hell’ about a week ago, on the 2nd of October. ‘To Hell’ is a lovely record, fully conceptual and quite diverse, that I had the chance to listen to before it came out and then managed to catch Jens(bass, piano, backing vocals and growls) for an interview that you can read below. If you are not familiar with Dawn of Destiny but you like what you’ve read, give the song a listen too:

Alexandra: Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! I’m quite curious, how did you come up with the name ‘Dawn of Destiny’?

Jens Faber: The name was a combination of different suggestions mainly Dirk and me. We put some of them together and “Dawn of Destiny” has been developed.

Your sixth a...

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Black Light Discipline – Catchy industrial wave from Finland

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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk via Skype with the talented Janne Kankkunen, the keys/synths player of Black Light Discipline, an industrial band from Finland. I must confess I did not hear of this band before Fear Of Domination mentioned it in our interview, but once listened I was hooked! Janne was nice enough to spare some of his time and we discussed some great stuff from the new album and the new video coming very soon (so stay tuned for that!) all the way to his inspirations and past projects. Enjoy!

Click to listen to the interview

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Diabulus in Musica – Breathing contrasts and art through their music

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Diabulus in Musica, photographer: Fernando Lezaun

Last week, on the 11th of April, the newest record ‘Argia’ from the symphonic metal band Diabulus in Musica saw the light of the day. It was the same day that I had the honor of chatting with Zuberoa (lead vocals) and Gorka (keyboards and growls) and discovered I was discussing with two dedicated souls working extremely hard to get their art out there, for all of us to hear. The interview later on (after about 20 minutes) turned into a friendly discussion where we were just exchanging opinions about the music industry and how bands try to make it nowadays. This was definitely one of my favourite interviews to date, especially because I got the feeling for a brief moment that I am more than just an interviewer, I am a friend. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out ‘Argia’!

Skype interview wit...

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Fear Of Domination – Ready to distort your delusions

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Saku - photo by

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely chat with a Finnish band that deserves way more recognition than it receives: Fear Of Domination. If you guys are into industrial or shock metal, give them a shot! Talking to Saku (vocals), Lasse (keyboards) and Johannes (lead guitars) I got insights in the new album ‘Distorted Delusions’ , future tour dates( and a possibility of travelling to Europe!) and many other awesome details about their facepaint and what elements can be found in their shows. Curious? Read below and enjoy!

Alexandra: You guys call your genre shock metal. Why did you choose this name to represent your music?

FOD: Mostly, the media gave us the ‘shock’ title because of our shows and the unusual appearance of the shows. Also, we always have something new to surprise our fans with...

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