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My name is Alexandra and I am the owner of Metaloud. Music has been my passion since I know myself. I have played the piano for 5 years, and even when I stopped doing that music kept on being my fuel. I appreciate almost every genre and I draw inspiration from good tunes. Needles to say, my heart lies in metal and its sub-genres.


Heya! I’m Manon, the co-writer of this site. I’ve been invited to write for Metaloud by Alexandra, and I happily accepted the offer. I’ve been a lover of music for quite a while now, with a focus on Hard Rock and Metal, yet I don’t really have a favorite subgenre. My top five bands would be: Kissin’ Dynamite, Avantasia, Avatar, Bring Me The Horizon and Edguy. Music never fails to cheer me up when I’m down, or to give me the strength to get through a long day of work.

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